About Us

"MiaiStyle" is the soul of brand advocacy and design.
It is the power endowed by the product,
It is also the spiritual food of design brand employees.
With original design as the main body, it is produced and sold in first-line stores in major cities.
With three-dimensional cutting as the main design method,
Incorporating fashionable casual design, two kinds of collision and blending,
The independence and creativity of the brand are formed.
The brand is deeply loved by women who pursue independent ideas;
The virtue of chivalry is the main body of brand learning and its advocacy,
deeply rooted in the heart,
Infiltrate brand design;
And won the love and respect of women from all walks of life.

In terms of style, the original and continuous attempts are made, and the three-dimensional geometric surface is used as the visual point to discover every ingenious segmentation and re-seam in a humanized way. The perfect combination of double cutting and box-shaped three-dimensional design complements the brand origin.
In terms of fabrics, flexibility is the basis and comfort is the foundation, as the two primary conditions for existence. In the research and development of fabrics, the whole brand spirit "try the double meaning of flexible existence". Constantly experimenting with flexible, comfortable fabrics.
Try to be in life and out of life. Each decision is to lay a better foundation for the next attempt. Are you happy, miserable, or confused while trying? All for a better life!